The First Superhero Mover

Meet Spero the Hero
An inspiration to all, Spero the Hero is the first Superhero mover. His principles of faith, honesty, strength and courage is what drives Good Greek Moving & Storage forward.
Spero the Hero

Heroism is a matter of choice.


Spero the Hero is the first Superhero mover. Movers are superheroes because they help families relocate to their new homes safely. There are many other superheroes and you meet them everyday: your parents, teachers, doctors, police officers, firefighters and the men and women in our military. You too can be a superhero. Dream big, and follow your dreams! The world needs more superheroes.

Spero the Hero in Action

Watch as Spero the Hero, the first Superhero mover, takes charge and deals with some villain movers in this TV spot. Have you seen this commercial on TV yet?

Good Greek Comics Issue 1

Issue 1

Everyday Superheroes

Good Greek Comics Issue 2

Issue 2

Villain Movers

Good Greek Comics Issue 3

Issue 3

Moving is Scary

Want a Physical Copy?

For a real paper Spero The Hero comic book, please mail $1 and a self-addressed envelope to:
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Meet Spero the Hero